Advait a vision towards an evolved, integral and sublime human being through meaningful and value-based life education. Advait seeks to promote creativity, wisdom and integrity among professionals and students by addressing the way they are trained or taught. To this effect, Advait harnesses the power of literature, stories and other works of natural arts.
Guiding Philosophy and Work
In Context Of Business
With Business becoming a way of life, and success in Business a more widely and deeply cherished goal, the values
that determine how business is conducted (and life is lived) assume paramount importance. Hence, as business grows out from its confined role of generating money for the businessman and becomes the raison d'tere of most human activity, it would inevitably adapt itself to incorporate the values that guided most human activities.

Not that it means that business as an activity is usually conducted in an ambience devoid of basic human values, but
that business will now become a much greater part of human life and hence would need to take care of all the other
aspects that go into making of a human life. Emotion is one. Nurturing the human spirit is another. The quest of the
spirit to rise above all bondages to merge into the sublime is yet another.
In Context Of Education
Every child is an inherently creative and divine being. Hence there is a natural inclination in every child to explore,
gather information, learn and form own concept of the world. This concept is something that is unique to every child.
There is no set pattern of information/knowledge that can be deemed as sweepingly fit to be assimilated by all children of a particular age group. This diversity in perception and learning modes has to be appreciated the most by the educators. The repercussions of this simple premise are very far-reaching. We mean to say that even the most widely accepted truths (axioms) of the grown-up world should not be communicated directly to the children, let alone enforced. We define creativity as the spontaneous manifestation of this natural self of the child. It's an expression that the child relishes as his/her own.
Literature as a source of Wisdom
Books help gain wisdom and insight. They have the power to transform our very being. The right book helps go inwards , bringing to us the words of the best that this Earth has seen.Given the plethora of options available, it is an onerous task to choose a few books that provide not only knowledge but help in transforming the way one perceives reality and himself. The distinguishing feature of a worthy book is that it takes us not to an idea or an imagination, but brings us to ourselves.
Who am I by Ramanna Maharishi
I am That by Sri Nisargdatta Maharaj
The Book of Life by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Personality to Individuality by Osho
Stories from The Book Of Chuang Tzu by Chuang Tzu
Hsin Hsin Ming by Sengstan( Sosan)
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
Walden by Thoreau
Why Education by Jiddu Krishnamurti