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Blessings from Beyond

A 2 days retreat with the master in Delhi-NCR

Our days are spent in the hope of a better future; better life;  better relationships. We spend time together; yet we don’t come close. We visit temples; we follow traditions; we pray yet everything seems to be in halt.

Sometimes, it’s the work that stands between you and life or sometimes, its the family responsibilities.

The weekends are spent either with some kind of intoxication or some entertainment or they are not spent at all.

Blessings from Beyond is an opportunity to spend your weekends in the proximity of the Guru and get rid of all the unnecessary burdens of your life.

The Vedic Upanishads have always emphasized on the importance of being in the company of the Guru.

Guru Kabir says:

गुरु बिन ज्ञान न उपजै, गुरु बिन मिलै न होश।
गुरु बिन लखै न सत्य को, गुरु बिन मिटे न दोष।।

Acharya Ji says:
“More you stay with the world, more you need it.
More you stay with a Teacher, less you need anything, including him.
World clings. Guru frees.”

Benefits of the retreat
~Spend your days in a meditative environment with people that help you understand yourself better.
~discuss the issues that matter most in your life
~leave your anxiety and stress behind
~Get the right guidance from a living Master
~Get a mentor, for the entire month, that helps in making things simpler
~Involve in a month long Online Activities that helps in analysing the depth of your understanding
~Participate in exclusive Anhad kriya, performed under the moon, with soulful music, that transforms and purifies oneself


To register or for more information call Mohd. Azaz @ +91-9871952116 or email to