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Fulfillment through relationships

* Childhood Abuse
* Parenting Problems 
* Lack of intimacy 
* Break up
* Loneliness 
* Work life troubles 
* Domestic Violence 
* Attachment
* Jealousy 
* Adultery 
* Dependency

Every problem is a problem of relationship! No problem stands in isolation, it is always in relation to somebody or something. 

"Fulfillment through relationships" is a program which gives the opportunity to heal and cure all our relationships through individual counselling and remedies suggested by Acharya Prashant Ji. 

It also includes continuous and individual attention from the mentor of the program for better understanding and implementation of the cure suggested to the individual. 

It is a program that starts from the other and takes you to yourself. As Acharya Ji beautifully says, 

"Be cured within, then all your relationships will fall into place."

~ Spirituality for healthy relationships ~
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