PrashantAdvait Foundation is a philanthropic initiative to bring about a socio-spiritual revolution that Acharya Prashant calls a movement towards a new humanity.

The foundation aims to create a new world based on clarity and compassion. It organises free learning camps for needy students, organises clarity sessions, and publishes and distributes free wisdom literature.

Explore this unique collection of more than 15000 posters on various life topics like spirituality, awareness, meditation, love, freedom, joy etc.

Hindi  transcriptions of talks by Acharya Prashant.

English and Hindiquotes on topics related to life by Acharya Prashant.

Fulfillment Through Relationships

transcriptions of the talks by Acharya Prashant.

Awareness mails are a means to remain connected with the timeless teachings of Acharya Prashant.

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Shabd-Yog (Open clarity sessions)

are held at

Advait Bodhsthal Ashram, Greater Noida

All are invited!

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PrashantAdvait Foundation

Spirituality for Psychological Health

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Free Hearts Camp
with Acharya Prashant
15th - 17th Mar '19

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Online Discourses

Watch the timeless videos of Acharya Prashant's discourses with audience all over the world on his channels:- 

 ​​A Sanyasi
~ who was once
An IIT-IIM alumnus & A Civil Servant​​

​​Acharya Prashant engages himself in leading PrashantAdvait Foundation for ‘Creation of a new humanity through Intelligent Spirituality’. Seekers visit or connect with him from all over the world through his discourses on various life-topics, Self-Awareness activities, Learning camps, and one-to-one meetings. The Advait Learning Camps held under his guidance provide the seekers the opportunity to undergo Spiritual and meditative experiences of numerous kinds.

Acharya Prashant’s unique spiritual literature is at par with the highest words that mankind has ever known. While he engages in free-flowing talks that deal directly with life, he also speaks on Vedantic literature, songs of Saints, philosophies and religious texts from all times and places. He is the author of over 20 books which are changing the way individual live and see life.

With discourses & talks, spanning over a decade with audiences around the world, more than 3000 of these videos  and more than 2000 transcripts of his discourses are freely available on the internet and have become precious spiritual resources to all those who seek them. Personally too, he is ever open to meeting individual with keenness to understand and seek the Truth.

Through his direct contact with people, and through various internet based channels, he continues to bring clarity, peace and love to all.

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He loves to interact with various audiences and often travels for talk and Q&A sessions.

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