PrashantAdvait Foundation


"Life gives us demonstrations all the time.
It keeps on telling us where we really stand;
if only,
we love ourselves enough to listen to life."
~ Acharya Prashant

Vishranti is a 3-day peaceful and relaxing Retreat with the blessed opportunity to be in close proximity of
 Acharya Ji. 

Salient features of the Retreat
 ~ Unbounded and serene time with Acharya Ji for 3 days
~ Spending time with scriptures specially selected for you by Acharya Ji
~ Seeking questions by relating the scriptures to your own life
~ Discourses by Acharya Ji on the scriptures as well as your questions on life
~ Breaking away from the humdrums of day-to-day life
~ Seeking solace with one’s ownself in an unfamiliar territory
~ Finding Vishram (Rest) & Shanti (Peace) in Vishranti

To register or for further information, call at +91-9999102998, +91-8368675940 or email at
Come to be with the Master! 
Come to be with yourself!